• "I enjoyed speaking with Mr. Jean about my future goals and plans. During our conversation, we discussed my goals of wanting to become an inner city high school principal, attain my doctorate in educational leadership and reduce my student loan debt. We set concrete dates for me to apply for administrative positions and doctoral programs. We also stated that we would work together to set goals to pay off my substantial student loan. I have worked diligently to meet the timelines that we had set and I look forward to continue to work with Mr. Jean. It was truly a great experience!"  -Christina Mckoy

  • "My coaching sessions with Jimmy has taught me the importance of responsibility and revealed my potential. I was distracted and content with my goals and dreams on hold, thinking as long as I still wanted it, eventually it would just happen. Through our sessions, Jimmy was able to challenge me and hold me accountable for the things I said I wanted in my life. I feel rejuvenated and prepared for the road ahead with the tools given to me."  -Torey Webb Smalls

  • "Jimmy has challenged me, held me accountable and helped me identify my motivation for taking strides forward.  His coaching pushed me to new levels personally and helped me create momentum in my business life.  Jimmy helped me achieve more than I could have on my own and I grateful to call him a coach and a friend."  -Eric Sanford

  • "Working with coach Jimmy has been an amazing experience. Through our many coaching sessions I have learned valuable tools that have shifted me from procrastination to now pursuing the life that I have always imagined for myself. His impact has been enormous. Who I am becoming is largely due to Jimmy's support, encouragement, and commitment to helping me explore my passions and live in my purpose. I'm so glad that I started this journey and I am looking forward to continued success with the tools that I have learned through coaching with Jimmy."  -CK Alexander