Meet Coach Jimmy

My Road To Purpose

Jimmy Jean is a certified life purpose coach who focuses on helping others become clear about the unique reason they were put on this earth. His passion to assist others on this great quest stems from the void and confusion that comes with not knowing what he was born to do. Through out his life, many people have recognized and affirmed him to be a man of great purpose.

Although Jimmy had seen these characteristics within himself, he still had no real clarity on how to tap into the potential that others saw in him. Jimmy believes that life has a way of disrupting us so that we can become attentive and yield to the direction of a better destination. That rerouting came in the form of a job layoff that Jimmy worked very hard to get. He was distraught and felt disconnected with himself, because the job he had given him a sense of validation and identity.

Although his job as a hotel executive was an expression of his calling, he knew deep down inside that this was not enough for him. His layoff became a blessing in disguise. During that time, he began to work on himself and became centered, which led him to explore the constant nudge and whisper that kept confirming that he was created for more than he was experiencing. That time of his life was all part of the divine plan that helped him discover his purpose, and insight on how to do it.

He understands first hand that the road to discovering your life purpose is not a journey that should be traveled alone. Everyone needs help in answering life’s greatest question. What am I here for? He feels a great responsibility to help others, like the people who have helped him in answering his life’s greatest question. His passion to serve and love for others is what led him to become a life coach. He believes in the highest potential of people and values his role in helping others in actualizing their purpose.